10 Ways to Reconnect with Healing Powers of Nature

Back in primary school, I was taught an easy-to-remember definition –  Nature is everything that surrounds us. I still vividly remember drawing an apple tree, ladder, a basket, myself, and proudly repeating what I just learned. Something so vast, and I could explain in one simple sentence. Just like thousands, millions of other kids, I was – possibly, for the first time mentally separated from the cradle of all life, from nature. This simple, crude definition, has changed how we look at nature, how we behave, and it has shaped us into being reckless consumers, instead of humble participants of nature’s cycles.

If nature is everything around us, what are we? Nature, or not nature?

The answer is simple: like everything in the Universe, we are made of the same five elements, and to the five elements we will return. We are Nature. 

In a fast-paced world we are living in today, isolated from external conditions, showered with different sources of radiation, the need of reconnecting with nature seems more important than ever. Explore these 10 simple ways of returning to the most powerful healing source.


If you want to be a happy person, have a garden. A seed growing into a mature plant, watching the life unfold, carries so many life lessons in itself. Beyond all nutritional books and teachings, the power of growing and caring for the food that will nourish and create your body and mind, is the most sacred path to health and happiness. Even if you don’t have a garden, put a small pot on a windowsill to grow kitchen herbs, wheatgrass, sprouts, or even tomatoes. You might soon discover that gardening is an emotional and spiritual process of perceiving ourselves and the environment more purposeful and deepening our connection with the environment. 


Saying that we have been disconnected from the Mother Earth, is not just a symbolical phrase. We have literally isolated ourselves from a direct contact with the soil, with the source.

Earth emits healing energy that pacifies and balances our physical functions, reduces stress, strengthens the immunity, calms and purifies the mind. Take off those thick bottomed shoes, place the soles of your feet on wet morning grass and allow the earth’s healing energy field to restore your body’s homeostasis.

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ” Khalil Gibran


Tall, strong, deeply rooted into the ground, and reaching high into the sky, trees are remarkable living organisms we tend to rarely be aware of. Behind their stillness there is so much movement, strength, energy and radiating life.

When we hug a tree, we become aware of its stillness, strength, warmth and power of life. By bringing our awareness to the fascinating upward movements of water from the roots, and downward sun’s energy from the laves, we can align our own inner movements with these giants and greatly affect how we feel. 


You might not be able to grow all your food, but if you look around you might find more than a handful of local producers that you can source your food from. Not only are you supporting small farmers and producers, but you are also giving your body food which is fresh, full of prana- life energy, grown under the same sun and cloud you live. You might explore joining the harvest and becoming a part of the process.


If you have ever tasted  bread baked in a clay pot, or a stew slow-cooked in an earthenware pot, you can recall the taste, the heartiness, the comfort of each bite. It’s not the ingredients, it’s not the cook, it’s the earth element marrying  and blessing the ingredients into an experience a man never forgets. Clay cookware is an inexpensive, though quite fragile, addition to your kitchen, that is completely safe to use as it doesn’t react with the ingredients used in cooking unlike many modern materials used in kitchen utensils. 


Clays are mineral products of weathered volcanic ash. It has been used since ancient times for healing and in beauty rituals, Rich in minerals, with impressive absorptive capacity, varied clay preparations have been used for cleansing the body, especially from heavy metals and intestinal invaders, for reducing inflammation, for rejuvenation and beauty. 

The easiest way to use clay is as a body mask. A common clay used for skin conditions is Bentonite clay mixed with water or fresh plant juices and applied on the skin surface. As it dries up, it will purify and revitalise the skin.


There is not one plant that cannot be used for the purpose of a man’s health. Unlike the isolated chemical substances, herbs act a whole, each substance complementing and emphasising the healing property needed for the body. Create your own medicinal cabinet, filling it with herbal allies – from tinctures, teas and infused oils, to kitchen spices and aromatic herbs. 


Skin is the largest organ of the body with millions of pores that serve as a detoxification pathway. Wrap yourself in soft, natural, and ethnically sourced fabrics, such as pure cotton, linen, wool and silk that have been treated with natural dyes, if possible. The touch sensation is perceived as an expression of love, so wrap yourself with loving materials. 


What sages thousand years back spoke of, and scientists have confirmed back in 70’s, plants are living, breathing, communicating, highly sentient creatures, endowed with personality and awareness. While humans mostly rely on just 5 basic senses, plants have many more. Just because we don’t understand how they work, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Talk to your plants, shower them with love and kindness, and they will communicate back to you. Today, more than ever, we need to seek answers from them…from Mother Nature herself. 


Based on the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, each body is made of the same five elements, namely – space, air, fire, water and earth. However, each person has slightly different proportions of the elements, making us so unique and perfect in our own way. This said, there can’t be one-diet-fits-all, and we cannot adopt a diet that supports longevity of people from a completely different climate zone. Getting to know your body, how it responds to daily and seasonal changes, different foods and emotions, you are becoming your own healer guided by your own intuition. This is how perfect Nature has created us. 

If you would like to discover your own constitution, and learn about foods and lifestyle practices that are most nourishing and supportive for your constitution, explore my guiding programs.


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