Food, movement, breath, for balanced health.

The Tools


Let’s begin!

Each body is unique, and what might work for one person doesn’t have to work for another. An ancient old understanding now finds its scientific support in the field of epigenetic. But how do we get to know what works for us?

After years of studying, experimenting and listening to how the body responds, my life philosophy has simmered down to three main pillars of health – eating local, seasonal, wholesomefoods; practicing breathing techniques to fill each body cell with vibrant life energy; and using conscious movement that brings you back into full body awareness. Simple as that.

Regardless of where you are in life and what your diet is, focus on restoring balance for a life full of zest. This is what my work and this site is all about.



The sacred act of home cooking might be the highest expression of self-love and care for your loved ones. Rediscover the sense of connectedness and wholeness as you begin to nourish yourself with local, seasonal, and wholesome foods that resonate best with your unique constitution.


Your lifespan is not determined by the number of years you are going to live, but by the number of breaths you are given for your journey. Use your breath as a tool to tap into the level of clarity that will support you in embracing life challenges with mindfulness, patience and serenity.

Learn the art of channeling the power of the breath to enhance your awareness, promote longevity and improve the quality of your life.

Move With Awareness

The world is full of movement. Sometimes you go with the flow, sometimes you fall off the wagon, feeling exhausted and numb. What you need is conscious movement that promotes the flow of life juices within you. Find your flow by moving your body consciously and regularly to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life. By moving your body, you will quiet your mind and become present, here and now.

Living a life of balance is not about having the perfect life. Rather, it’s about nurturing your unique body and soul with foods and practices that will help you create a life that’s authentic, meaningful and fulfilling for you.

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