Balance is my mantra and I have found my life’s purpose to inspire people with ancient tools and techniques, supported in modern science, to achieve and maintain their own balance, in the body and in the mind.


…an island-born girl, a dweller of open blue horizons, a teacher by heart, turned medicine woman.

Hi! And welcome!

I’m Ana – a certified Yoga instructor, Ayurveda and Yoga therapist, and a lecturer at the College of Ayurveda, UK.

Combined with my scientific background in Biology and Chemistry, I have created a signature blend of wholesome foods, breath work and conscious body movement as tools for living a balanced life in these modern times.

My aim is to inspire, guide and be a resource of time-tested wisdom to help you plant the seed of longevity and a harmonious life. The purpose of my work is to guide you to unveil your inherent intuition, reconnect with your inner wisdom, and shine with radiant health from within.

But let’s rewind the tape.

My Story

For as long as I remember I’ve been teaching. Seriously. As a small girl I got a very small chalkboard, and in no time I had a balcony filled with my imaginary students, and I would walk in with my mum’s gorgeous leather bag on my shoulder filled with magazines I would “teach from”. A few years later, my dad allowed me to come to his classroom and use the entire chalkboard to teach my imaginary students what was supposed to be my homework. Always a top grade student, I got my master’s degree in Biology and Chemistry and started as a high school teacher.

But there is one more game I liked to play just as much as teaching. I had a bald baby doll, which was my patient. From making her herbal infusions, to performing regular surgeries, I was in charge of her wellbeing. Human body was, and will always be - my deepest passion. And teaching about the human body and how to keep it youthful and disease-free - well, I feel that’s my purpose in this life.

With my dad being a retired math and physics teacher, and my mum a physiotherapist, let’s just say I got both bases covered.

From science to ancient wisdom. And back.

I always LOVED food. And I was lucky enough to be born in the family, in the mediterranean culture, where food mostly comes from the garden, where family gathers everyday around the table, and herbs are used as nature’s medicine cabinet. Organic and wholesome, in harmony with nature’s seasonal cycles, is the only way of eating and living. I took all this for granted, and I left my home to study and explore the world. As a teenager I was hungry for more…

It was one long bumpy road that led me to a complete disconnection from my body and my heart. While struggling with digestive and hormonal issues, constant challenges with my reproductive health, I also felt unfocused, tired, fearful, anxious, and lost in an attempt to find my true purpose in life. My body was crying for nutrients, and my soul for love. No one was giving me answers, yet everyone kept offering me pills. All I could feel was one loud, cell bursting NO! arising from the core of my body. This was bigger than me, louder than my mind. I stopped, and I listened.

I started nourishing myself on all levels. I went back to the wisdom of my ancestors, reconnecting with nature, slowing down and turning inward to see what my body truly needed. No more restrictive diets, no more expensive supplements, no more promising beauty products.

I began my yoga journey, practicing meditation and breathing techniques. I went to London to study Ayurvedic medicine with world renowned Ayurvedic doctors - dr. Mauroof Athique and dr. Venkata Joshi. I went to India and worked in an Ayurvedic hospital, tapping into the source of this more than 5000 years old medical system.Armed with gardening tools, I started growing vegetables and medicinal herbs, cooking and eating wholesome, mostly plant-focused foods.Slowly, very slowly, but I flourished into the most vibrant version of myself I feel I am today.

With my gorgeous son Val and my beloved life companion Sven, I live in the Slovenian Alps now, surrounded with pristine nature and wildlife. I teach at the College of Ayurveda, UK, share my insights on YouTube, write for my blog and other publications, and together with Sven we work on supporting and creating educational centres and schools in Nepal and Slovenia. I’m a teacher and a medicine woman…I play…

My Education

  • Master’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry, University of Natural Sciences, Split, Croatia
  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapy, College of Ayurveda, UK
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition, College of Ayurveda, UK
  • Ayurveda ad Yoga Therapy, College of Ayurveda, UK
  • 300-hour Yoga Instructor, S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore

Numerous courses and certificates on Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, herbal medicine, as well as residential internship completed in an Ayurvedic hospital in Belgaum, India, and Tapovan, Normandy, France. Yet everyone passing my path has been my teacher, and what I’ve become today is a result of my ancestral imprints and life experiences. I’m in deep gratitude to all of them, and to all of you!