When I met my life companion more than 8 years ago, we agreed to always be giving a part of our earnings to the community. Back then we where both high school teachers (me teaching Biology and Chemistry, and Sven teaching Economics and Finances), passionate about empowering students to live life fearlessly, with passion and dedication. I guess this is also part of the reason we resined…we didn’t fit in the old-fashioned educational system.

After our son Val was born, in 2016, our perspective on education went much deeper. We became aware of the importance of encouraging and supporting child’s needs and birth-given curiosity and hunger for the world around. Education based on unveiling child’s inner gifts, supporting and strengthening their skills, building their self-confidence, empathy and compassion for others, and cultivating a strong relationship and natural sensitivity to nature’s rhythms, became the only acceptable form of education we felt for our child, and all the children of the future.

Ever since we’ve been working on different projects to:

  • provide free education for all children in remote areas (Nepal)
  • build toilets in schools where girls are unable to attend classes after they get their first menstruation (Nepal)
  • supporting Waldorf daycare in Radovljica, Slovenia

Unless you want to, we don’t seek any direct donation (In case you do, please contact me here). You can simply enjoy watching our YouTube videos, and all the earnings from the ads playing during the videos will be used for our projects. Education for education! 😉

Our YouTube channels:

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