Seasonal Ayurvedic Restorative Package

Price: 148.00 euro (incl. shipping*)

The transition from one season to another is challenging for each person. The key to radiant health and glowing appearance lies in adjusting one’s diet and lifestyle to the changes in the environment.

Carefully selected ingredients, custom made products based on your constitution, wrapped with love and care for your overall wellbeing, make this package a powerful kit that will help you flow from one season to another with joy, strength and radiant energy. A bundle of health supporting allies including food condiments, digestive aids, tea blends, massage oils and facial masks has been designed to bring balance to your body, calm the mind and delight the spirit. Along with an Ayurvedic seasonal manual, this easy-to-use restorative package will be shipped to your front door.

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Breakfast – Where Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and modern vegan diet meet

If the morning shows the day, make a conscious decision what you want it to be like. Through 34 beautifully illustrated, easy to follow recipes, along with a number of tips, suggested variations, and gluten free options, you will join this exciting culinary journey and experience days filled with blissful life energy, vitality, optimism and enthusiasm.

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Lunch to go – Where Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and modern vegan diet meet

Making a healthier choice and having a complete, well balanced lunch in the long run is the most valuable health decision you can make. If you consider your overall wellbeing, your mood and productivity, introducing healthier alternatives into your lunch box will bring you plenty of good quality time to enjoy life. Cooking is art, and artists do not need rules. With 30 beautifully illustrated, quick and easy to prepare recipes, this cookbook will give you just a frame and tools to develop your own intuitive approach to cooking.

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