Food, movement, breath, for balanced health.

After years of studying, experimenting and listening to my own inner wisdom, my life philosophy has simmered down to three main pillars of health – eating local, seasonal, wholesome, mostly plant-based foods; practicing breathing techniques to fill each body cell with vibrant life energy; and using conscious movement that brings me back into full body awareness. Simple as that.

Regardless of where you are in life and what your diet is, focus on restoring balance for a life full of zest. This is what my work and this site is all about. 

I’ve been keeping the following oath (author unknown) by my side for a few years now. I’m far away from living it to the z, but reminding myself daily what my highest priorities are, makes this crazy little journey called life, much more enjoyable. Hope it will inspire you as well!

Feel free to download the oath and read it as a daily reminder for living a life of balance.

Oath to the Body and Life Itself

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I am aware of my body, which houses my senses, so I keep it clean and well nourished to perceive the beauty of this world for as long as I shall live. I feed it with the best quality foods and vibrations, and move it daily through walks, yoga, swimming, dancing, or anything that inspires me.

I am aware of my ever present mind, which I occupy with my highest interests, positive thoughts, learning and expansion.

I am aware of the spiritual part of my being which I feed with spiritual growth that speaks to me best, cherishing love, compassion and understanding for all living beings.

I am aware of the obstacles on my path to find true and lasting bliss within. I cultivate my inner wisdom and meditation practice with a sincere heart to drive away the clouds of ignorance from my consciousness.

I am aware of my fears, insecurities and feelings. I work on them through meditation, observation, acknowledgment and detachment.

I am here and now choosing to evolve into a better self each day by seeking positivity, love, and compassion in everything around me.

I am here to empower those around me to experience this magnificent life by taking care of their body, mind and spirit.

I am fully responsible for my life, and I embrace everything that comes onto my path taking it as an opportunity to learn, to evolve, to share and to teach.

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