I am… Ana – Ayurvedic nutritionist, holistic health coach, yogi, author, lecturer at the College of Ayurveda, UK. I’m currently based in the Netherlands, with my roots on one of the Croatian most beautiful islands, and my heart now being called into the Slovenian Alps.

Balance is my mantra and I have found my life’s purpose to inspire people with ancient tools and techniques to achieve and maintain their own balance, in the body and in the mind. 

Ana Tabain

My enthusiasm about health and personal search for my own inner wisdom started almost a decade ago, when I felt my body was completely out of balance. Years of late nights, eating small irregular meals of questionable nutritive value, enjoying all the bad stuff teenage years bring, and deep-seated anger coming from many things that happened in my life and world around me, it all took a toll on my health. I was unfocused, tired, fearful, angry, and lost in an attempt to find my true purpose in life. My body was crying for nutrients, and my soul for love.

Then, I finally got it, it was all linked – my body, my mind, and my soul. I started nourishing myself on all levels through foods, thoughts and emotions. I began my yoga journey, practicing meditation, self-analysis, cooking and eating whole, mostly plant based foods, and I have completely changed. Or have I returned to my truest self?! I took responsibility for my own life and started making one change after another, taking in and letting go of my life to bring myself peace, happiness, and clarity.

I have found my way of living in harmony by unveiling my inner wisdom that helps me go through the ever changing life. By vibrating in such positive, compassionate, and loving way I have surrounded myself with wonderful people, I have found my true love, but also learned how to love myself first, and for those who used to be the reason of my anger, I have so much love to give.

On this journey, after I got my Master’s degree in Biology and Chemistry, I was so excited to discover the perfection and powers of the human body, so I continued my education at the College of Ayurveda, UK, as well as educated myself on Macrobiotics, Yoga and Meditation.


Everything started making sense and I finally saw the world, the whole universe, clearly. I looked back at my childhood, remembering how my grandmother, neighbours, family and friends from Korčula, a Mediterranean island where I grew up, instinctively knew how to use the power of nature, herbs and foods to heal different body imbalances. These people are big medicine healers I was never aware of. I took my notebook and started writing, exploring, experimenting, and testing. I have discovered the tools and techniques that truly work, and they have helped me to find the balance in my diet, in my emotions and my relationships. Now, I want to give them to you! My life purpose is to empower you to find your inner balance and to listen to your inherent wisdom to find what will restore and rejuvenate YOU!